Piel Photography is a family business, owned and       

  operated by the husband and wife team of Rick & Tina

  Piel. Rick and Tina have been married since 2000 and

  enjoy spending as much time as possible together. In

  their free time (what little they have...lol)they enjoy

 singing karaoke, watching Alabama football and

 scouring the highways and bi-ways for antiques and




 Rick fell in love with photography at the age of 15 when he took

 a class in school. Since then he has continued to increase his

 knowledge of photography and has worked in the field for years.

 While working for the Federal Government doing disaster relief,

 Rick's photographs were published in several local newspapers

 and publications and were event used by lobbyists in Washington

 DC to facilitate the rebuilding of levy in flood damaged area. Rick

 has had the opportunity to travel across the United States to

 photograph our great county both for clients as well as personally.


  Tina handles all of our booking and creative design. Tina also fell

 in love with photography at a young age and has had the

 opportunity to learn so much from Rick about the art of

 photography. In addition to photography services, Piel

 Photography also offers graphic design in the form of promo

 materials including posters, flyers, banners, and have even

 designed billboards thru Tina's company TP Creations.