Changing the Landscape of Headshot Photography

Rick is one of many photographers around the world working to change the way photography & headshots are taken in the world today, for the better.  We can all be uncomfortable having our picture taken. That's why, in every session, Rick coaches his clients about body language, facial expression, and the psychology behind a great headshot to capture the best from his client.

The goal is for you to walk out with a confident, marketable headshot that will serve you well in your professional endeavors.

About Rick Piel & Tuscaloosa Headshots / Piel Photography

Rick has been a photographer since 1986; today he is well rounded and able to offer most anything a client would need with several portable studios for all types of occasions. Over the past 10 years Rick has worked with numerous marketing companies and campaigns. He has also had works featured in several newspapers and ad campaigns.

Rick has seen an ever growing need for professional headshot photography as social media and other web site type sites pop up requiring a headshot image of them. Professional Head Shots represent the person’s image, good or bad to the world around us and most do not understand the real importance of a great headshot to represent one’s self in the real world. People are so use to snapping a picture with their cell phone and posting it never truly realizing how that image represents their image to the business world.

With the new edition of Tuscaloosa Headshots to the Piel Photography arsenal, Rick and his team plan to be the go to company in the Southeast when it comes to Professional Headshot for not only the corporate world but the individual looking to brand themselves as up & coming professionals by showcase their professional image to the world.