Tuscaloosa Headshots / Pricing Info


Corporate Headshot Sessions

1-5 minute sessions, one outfit, basic coaching 


2-5 people - $100/person
6-19 people - $75/person
20-50 people - $65/person
51-100 people - $55/person
101+ people - $50/person

Corporate Headshot Sessions are perfect for

company events, larger groups, quarterly / annual meeting.


-Requires a minimum of 2 people to qualify.

-A $150 set up fee is also required per day (please see additional info)
-Includes the digital download of each person's best photo in high-resolution. 
-All photos are processed and edited for exposure, color, and clarity. 
-5/7 photos are taken per person, on average. 
-The best single shot is chosen at time of processing.



Additional Information



- Corporate Contact -

Tuscaloosa Headshots will need a single contact person to handle all correspondence 


We will need the following information for the contact person

Name, Title, Email Address, Contact Phone Number



- Shooting Schedule -

It is up to the Business / Corporation to pre-book with their employees

 and notify them of the time and location of their appointment.

Tuscaloosa Headshots will provide you with a schedule

to fill out prior to your shooting date.


Schedule should be returned to Tuscaloosa Headshots

a minimum of 3 days prior to day of event.



- Client Release -

Each person who is on the schedule will be required to

complete a Client Release prior to shooting date


Client Releases should be returned to Tuscaloosa Headshots

a minimum of 3 days prior to day of event.



- Turnaround Time -

 Groups of 100 or less – 5-7 business days 
Groups greater than 100 – 7-10+ business days



- Delivery - 

Images will be provided via digital download from your private secure

gallery on Tuscaloosa Headshots by Piel Photography’s Website

Password to get into website & album will be provided via email to

corporate contact person when images are ready for download. 

Tuscaloosa Headshots will not be responsible for providing the password

to employees.  If the corporate contact person wishes to provide the

password to individual employees that responsibility will be theirs.


Prints are also available for purchase at reasonable prices.



- Set Up Fee - 

A set up fee of $150/day is required.


This fee may be waived for consecutive days shooting ONLY if the

studio area can be secured overnight behind a locked door with no

access and does not have to be broken down each night.


This fee applies to all locations; however an additional mileage/lodging fee

may be required per day for locations outside of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

- Payment -

$150.00 at time of booking.


50% down payment of scheduled clients is due at time of schedule submission.
(minimum of 3 days prior to day of event)


The balance is to be paid in full by the end of your session. 


Check or Cash is preferred; Credit Card and PayPal are accepted. 


- Payment By Individual Employees - 

If a Business / Company wants us to come in for their employees and the

employee will be paying for their own headshot, a $150 set up fee is still required.

Company will still be responsible for collecting all employee information,

scheduling of appointments and collection of money and one check will be issued

to Tuscaloosa Headshots from the company for all employees.

Individual, personal password protected photo albums will be set up and personal

emails will go out to every employee that participates. It will be the responsibility

of the company to obtain the contact information including the contact name,

phone & mail address for anyone purchasing this service.

Password will be valid for 30 days from time of email.

For this type service due to the nature of extra work required there will be a surcharge

per employee of $15 extra on top of the standard rates listed above.

Online storage of all individual images can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly,

bi-annually or annually rate to assure the employee will always have access to their images.


Also with this option payment in full is required a minimum of 3 days prior to shooting date.



Prices and packages subject to change